25 April, 2017

I’m back


Hi guys !
I know I have some catching up to do.
It has been almost 4 months since my last blogpost and that’s indeed very long.
The reason for that was because I was travelling around the world, jep it was my honeymoon.
First I thought I could easily keep you guys posted by uploading some pictures about our trip. So sorry about that, but I was wrong.
To be honest, I wanted to enjoy it the most ! Every second and every minute of our 3 months.
That means I didn’t wanted to lose any time sitting in my room,  for Photoshop and uploading all those pictures while we had poor internet connection… really poor wifi connections 🙂
But that also means I’m now ready full energy,  totally recharged for new blogposts.
Off course I will show you pictures of the places were we have been and some travel stories.
And as the usual new outfit posts  🙂

So that’s it for today !
Happy to be back !




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4 Comments op “I’m back”

  1. 1
    Lavinia In The Wonderland

    You have done well to enjoy every moment of this trip … I would love to take a year of my life and to spin the world!
    Lavinia In The Wonderland

  2. 2

    Kisses darling
    Bellezza pour femme – fashion blog di Marzia Amaranto

  3. 3
    Natalie Forever

    Beautiful photos <3

  4. 4

    Welcome back, i really enjoy your travel posts, they are amazing <3

    xoxo, Best Wallets for Women 2017


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